Architectural Concrete Walls

Concrete Steps and retaining walls Coquitlam

Numerous concrete construction projects do need some concrete stairs and or walls due to the sudden grade changes; this is one of those such jobs that required 19 steps from the front entrance to the street. In this in-depth job profile, we will illustrate our method from start to end. We hope you like this concrete job analysis.

The Job Plans

Any successful concrete job begins with an excellent design. On this build , the owner, who is also a designer, provided us with expert suggestions. Professional designs usually make our lives simpler, but there are instances when we are left with nothing more than a concept to create. If you don’t have any designs, that’s OK; we’ll work with you to create something professional and within your budget.

Job Plans for Coquitlam project
Excavation Coquitlam

The slope had to be raised up substantially over newly disturbed material for this project. When building “grade up,” you have two options: dig down to solid ground and construct deeper concrete footings and walls, or build-up using steel piles to hold the footing poured above disturbed soil. This is what we choose to do; it not only saves money but also speeds up the job without sacrificing quality.

Concrete Piles installation in Coquitlam
concrete footing being formed

We are pleased to work with your excavator contractor if you have one, but if you don’t, we have our own excavation equipment and can excavate the concrete job as needed. We are content with any choice.

We most commonly install and complete all of our concrete prep work, from footing to stamped concrete, so when you employ us, you deal with us and not subcontractors who are not familiar with the job. There is no mistake regarding who is performing your project from start to end. Unlike many other concrete contractors who sub out numerous components of the concrete work.

Pouring Concrete stairs in Coquitlam
Walls and stairs under construction in Coquitlam

After the concrete has set, we remove the concrete wall forms and begin building the concrete stairs and architectural concrete walls, and this is our favourite phase in the development. If you prefer step nosings or chamfer walls, now is the moment when we confirm those specifics. This client needed clean, sharp edges, so we decided with straight risers and tapering edge walls to be hand stoned exclusively.

We use only brand new plywood and wood boards for architectural concrete, which makes it a little pricer than usual reused plywood wall forms. Still, the surface is far smoother, and the only alternative for durable architectural concrete. Most times, no concrete patching is necessary using a mix of vibrating and tapping when pouring. If patching is required we use our trade mark ” Sponge Finish ” for an ultra smooth wall.

Coquitlam Walls and stairs under construction

Upper Levels Stairs Poured

A project like this has to be poured in a few steps for the finest quality and bracing reasons. The concrete we are installing is a 32MPA concrete with air entrainment for any freeze-thaw cycles it may undergo in the Winter months. If the right mix is not chosen, the durability of your concrete will be compromised, resulting in a shorter lifetime.

Coquitlam Walls with steps just poured
Coquitlam Walls with steps under construction

We use 10m rebar at differing spacings for all of our external concrete. We dowel into neighbouring surfaces where necessary to increase the support for the slabs and steps. While rebar does not ensure crack-free concrete, it helps prevent the concrete from separating much when or if it cracks.

Tying Rebar before a concrete pour in Coquitlam
Pouring Concrete in Coquitlam

The Final Pour

Our 5th and final pour for this project we completed the bottom concrete stairs run and concrete walkway at mid-level. The forms are taken off a few days after the pour, and this undertaking comes to a finish. 
   The natural grey concrete steps and landings, with architectural concrete walls, makes this work a modern and timeless landscape classic.

Coquitlam Steps and retaining walls
Concrete Steps and retaining walls Coquitlam

Kindly contact us with any questions or comments regarding this or any other project.