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Stamped Concrete indepth

Texture Stamped Concrete in backyard

Texture Stamped Concrete

In this concrete Job analysis, I am going to be showing you our unique manner we approach the art of texture stamped concrete. Each project is unique, and I do mean unique because of the styles of the stamped concrete, including slate squares, rough stone, , and random stones. Each project is built to the specific needs of the owner and in real-time, and are not predetermined like traditional stamped mats. As a result, no stamp concrete jobs are the same.

Stamping Concrete being finished
texture Stamped Concrete Coquitlam

Stamped concrete is created by impressing a texture or pattern on concrete in its plastic stage. This example  depicts a rough stone texture being imprinted, it will subsequently be saw-cut into a pattern. Stamped concrete is poured like any other concrete pad with extra focus on choosing an acceptable texture for the pattern that we will create at a later period after the concrete has set up enough.

The homeowner picked a design, which is a challenging choice, but we appreciate a challenge as you can see, it is a pattern of tiny and big squares in a repeating manner called Opa Locka.

Stamped Concrete Pattern before grouting
Stamped Concrete patio saw cut with pattern
Drone View Stamped Concrete patio

These photographs show the finished result after the stamped concrete has been saw cut. The grouting gives the stamped concrete a realistic appearance, and the variety of hues adds visual interest. Unlike many other designs that produce deep grooves in the surface, our unique texture stamped concrete leaves the surface nicely textured and uniform across the slab.

saw cut stamped concrete patio
saw cut stamped concrete

Grouted Stamped Concrete

We approach concrete colours in a few distinct ways. It might be as easy as getting integrated colour from the concrete supplier and having a main monotone shade for the pad. We can also obtain the similar look using colour hardener, which is typically more brilliant and it does harden the surface. We can also add numerous colours to the concrete, which is important if you are attempting to replicate the appearance of natural stone. As you can see from our images, we use several shades to create the desired effects.

Close up of texture stamped concrete being grouted
Close up of texture stamped concrete patio

This patio’s surface has seven colours for an ultra-realistic natural rock effect. It’s a tad busy before it’s sawed. When the saw cut pattern is finished and grouted, it seems to be multicoloured natural rock slabs, creating an aesthetically compelling surface. The photographs also show the grouting of the concrete following the saw cuts. The owner picked an ashlar slate design, which was measured and put down to properly suit the patio.

concrete patio with borders being stamped
stamped concrete patio with borders

Acid Stained Stamped Concrete

This image illustrates the finished sealed product, and you can see how the sealer not only maintains the stamped concrete, but also intensifies the colours, creating an appealing concrete pad.

      The acid stained imparts a deep rusty age leather effect to the patio, a look that can only be produced with acid staining.

Stained Concrete patio close-up
Coquitlam Patio newly finished
Texture Stamped Patio being sealed

Concrete sealing is significant in decorative concrete not only does it improve the colour it also protects it from staining. There are numerous advantages and negatives with concrete sealing concrete, certainly more positives but one bad feature for stamp concrete is it can make the surface slippery and may be dangerous when the incline is more than 5 percent. By spreading sand over the fresh concrete sealer it will take the polish off and profile the sealant somewhat.

Stamped concrete driveway Coquitlam
Stamped Concrete and Light washed border

 Rough stone texture used to give this stamped concrete driveway a rustic look and feel. We believed it would be a fantastic choice because of the high incline.
The driveway was divided into 3′ , anything more than that could conflict with the light washed component flowing through the driveway.

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