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Modern concrete front entrance in Coquitlam

Coquitlam Concrete Construction

Being a leader in  Concrete Construction is not simple and we take great pride in the distinction from our peers . Our crews of concrete professionals are fast and competent in constructing customized concrete. Architectural concrete work is our specialty, including Decorative Concrete Driveways, concrete patios, retaining walls and concrete staircases. 

Some Of Our Most Common Services

Coquitlam Driveways

Driveways are the most popular concrete item that we pour. Concrete driveways feature numerous finishing choices including Stamped Concrete, exposed aggregate, broom finish concrete, float finish, acid stain and light architectural wash to list a few. If you would like some green inside your driveway we can construct separations for grass or stones, a fashionable choice on the west coast. Driveways are a huge investment of your outdoor hardscape and having a stunning driveway is worth the expense.

exposed aggregate driveway with smooth borders

Architectural Concrete Walls

We can create whatever sort of concrete wall you choose, whether it be a planter wall, retaining wall, or architectural wall. Architectural concrete walls may be built in a variety of ways to achieve the desired pattern, texture, or style. Rustications/chamfers will leave an intriguing pattern in their wake. When used properly, cam lock or snap ties will produce an appealing pattern on the concrete walls after they have been stripped and completed. We use high-strength mixtures that result in little honeycombing. The stunningly smooth paper faced finish is timeless and complements any exterior or interior project.

Concrete Steps

Concrete stairs, structural steps, floating concrete steps, and landscape steps are commonly used on many properties. We can construct the appropriate concrete steps for you. We provide stair nosing, customizable forms, and a range of finishes in a variety of colours to personalize each stair to your specifications.

Concrete stairs are the most costly aspect of a concrete project and we have the experience and understanding to deliver you top quality staircases every time. Our Architectural Concrete stairs are custom for our customers who seek timeless concrete designs such as our structural floating steps.

Stamped Concrete Finishes

Black Stamped Concrete patio in Coquitlam

The technique of imprinting textures and patterns upon liquid concrete. There are a huge range of designs and colours to pick from, ensuring that each project is remarkable. Our most popular decorative concrete finish is stamped concrete. The cost is dictated by size, style and pattern. The cheapest have no colour with texture, while the most costly include several colours, borders, patterns, and grouting for maximum realism.

Concrete Demolition

When considering concrete repairs, it is necessary to consider whether or not the concrete can be fixed, whether or not the concrete is impacting the overall structural integrity of a concrete pad or structure, and whether or not the concrete should be removed and replaced before proceeding. There are a variety of issues that might need concrete repair, including cracked concrete, sunken or heaved concrete that creates a tripping hazard, aesthetic repairs, and structural repairs. It is determined how we will approach the repair depending on the size and breadth of the crack; in many cases, the crack will need to be ground out before we can fill the crack with an epoxy or cement based patching substance. Cracks in walls that show rebar, as well as cracks in structural walls, floors, and beams, are common examples of structural repairs. In the case of such repairs, it is critical that they be addressed as quickly as possible in order to ensure that all structural features are restored.

Concrete Patios

Concrete patios typically feature decorative concrete finishes and we are decorative concrete craftsmen. The most Common decorative concrete finish is texture stamped concrete with multi colours. Stamping the surface with an Italian slate , rough stone , blue stone, caesar stone or any desirable texture, then custom cutting to the appropriate sizes. We then build a pattern and most typically grout that pattern for enhanced realism.

Concrete Deck with smooth curbs

See This Project and Many More indepth on our projects page. Click the button for more information. 

Detailed Pictures on how this and other jobs were completed from start to finish.

Concrete services Continued

Acid Etched

A light profile is typically generated on a smooth surface for anaesthetics and traction.

Acid Staining

Acid stains of different colours are used to colourize the concrete surface. Customers who seek a red, brown, tan, or mahogany colour are likely to be satisfied with this kind of colouring.

Acid Wash

To clean concrete. Typically, this is a very diluted light wash of muriatic or hydrochloric acid.

Decorative Concrete front entrance

Broom Finish Concrete

One of  Coquitlam’s most popular exterior treatments. For the last finishing step on air entrained concrete, a light brush is employed.

Concrete Column

Architectural concrete columns are used in both residential and commercial concrete building projects. Each project is built custom on-site.

Concrete Demolition

We provide break and removal Solutions including both residential and commercial building projects

Concrete Finishing

We provide a variety of concrete finishes at a high level of quality. From broom finish to Architectural Light Exposed and Texture Stamped Concrete to smoothing with ornamental saw cutting, we have you covered

Concrete Pads

 These include RV pads, shed pads, air conditioning pads, and parking pads. We offer and install concrete pads in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as reinforced pads for greater loads.

Concrete Repairs

 When concrete walls and stairs are repairable, we fix them. Generally, concrete driveways, concrete patios, and other flatwork are the least repairable. Make an appointment with us to determine if your concrete needs be repaired or replaced.

Concrete Sealing

For concrete structures, we use the suitable sealant. Acrylic sealers are most common followed by penetrating sealers. Concrete sealing services for Concrete Driveways, Concrete patios, Walkway and steps.

Concrete Walls

Concrete walls are one of the most often requested services. Walls come in a wide variety of heights, widths, and architectural components. We excavate and backfill upon request.

Coquitlam Pool with charcoal stamped concrete

Decorative Saw Cutting

Decorative Concrete is a broad category that encompasses Stamped Concrete, Exposed Aggregate, Acid Stain Concrete, sandblasted concrete, and architectural light washes, to mention a few.


Concrete is our specialty, so if all you want is Excavation, give us a call. We offer compact equipment for applications requiring restricted access.

Float Finish Concrete

When a float is utilised on the last finishing pass for texture and random design, this is a contemporary and popular finish.

Forming Services

We shape all of our concrete projects, including walls and stairs. We always finish the concrete formation ourselves; we seldom utilise subcontractors..

Garage Slab

Includes excavation, gravel foundation preparation, formwork, rebar placement, and concrete placement and finishing. When heated slabs are needed, insulation installation is necessary. Upon request, a power trowel finish is available.


Concrete Grinding is performed by various grit grinding discs. A common finish for countertops. We grind walls and flatwork as well

Pool Decks

Concrete Pool decks have been most typically poured with one of our highly decorative concrete or Architectural concrete finishes.

Concrete Driveway with exposed borders


 Residential Concrete and commercial concrete with a vast choice of finishes to pick from.

Saw Cutting

By simply adding decorative saw cutting to a standard saw, it may be converted into a piece of art. We use custom-made saws to provide the most precise cuts

Structural Slabs

 For concrete structural slabs, comprehensive shoring engineering is needed. Rebar installation and concrete placement and pouring also included.

Texture Stamped Concrete

Texture Stamped Concrete  is made from our range of different textures. Once the stamping is finished we offer custom saw cutting so you can customize the stamped concrete to your tastes.


Most often utility lines and electrical lines are below or near  concrete and we can excavate and backfill to speed up the project, no need of an additional contractor. Trenching and excavation services are provided with or without concrete pouring.

Coquitlam Front Entrance smooth concrete

We are always aiming to provide the highest-quality projects on time and within budget. We provide concrete contracting services to the residential and commercial markets. Whether you’re building a new home or remodelling an existing one, give us a call now to work with Coquitlam’s top concrete contractors.

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